How to Make Your Home Mosquito-Free? 

If you are wondering how you can control the mosquitoes at your premises, you need to take certain steps. Here are the following ways on how you can do so: 

Keep mosquitoes from breeding within your home 

If you want to control mosquitoes at home, make sure to check whether there’s a place within your house that is the potential to be a mosquito breeding ground. Some of the common breeding grounds for them include in the garden or the pooled water from your air conditioner. Also, make sure to clean the areas where you usually stack old stuff inside your house from time to time, such as kitchen lofts or storerooms, since they tend to create a nest in these areas.  

You also have to ensure that your drains are regularly cleaned and covered well. Also, fill in ditches with dirt right out of your house so that there will be a lesser number of mosquitoes all over your property.  

Get plants that are mosquito repellent 

One of the easy ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home is to keep indoor plants that are mosquito repellent. You can keep such plants on your desks or your room for a mosquito-free property. Some of these plants won’t just help prevent mosquitoes from lurking in your house, but other pests as well like mice and rodents. Usually, these plants are smaller in size, and so you can keep them indoors to control the mosquito situation happening in your house.   

Some of the common indoor mosquito repellent plants include citronella, lemongrass, Tulsi, marigolds, catnip, and mint.  

Prevent mosquitoes from getting inside your house 

If you want to make your house mosquito-free, you have to ensure that mosquitoes can’t get inside your house. If the sun starts to go down and it’s dusk, practice shutting all your windows and doors tightly especially if you haven’t attached nets to them. 

Though sunlight can help prevent mosquitoes to some extent, mosquitoes tend to be very active after dusk. Hence, it’s best to stop them from entering your home and get rid of those existing mosquitoes inside. You can do so by buying mosquito strips that obstruct the space around your windows and doors from where mosquitoes can get inside your home.  

Hire residential mosquito spray services 

Your house is where you spend most of your time. Hence, you need to make sure that your house is mosquito-free. If you are too busy to do all the things listed above, you can always rely on the professional mosquito spraying Bowling Green KY services. The expert pest controllers won’t just remove your mosquito issue going in your house, but they will also help you get the peace of mind that you deserve while lounging in your house. With their help, you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes ever again.  

If you’re interested in getting professional mosquito spray services, feel free to contact us or visit our page for more information about our products and services. 

Things Not to Do When Hiring a Handyman 

A handyman is an all-around type of person. One can help you in updating, installing, fixing, or removing several stuff from your property. Regardless if they do any jobs like faucet replacement, light fixture installation, or demolishing walls, there’s always an inevitable danger if you allow somebody into your property to work on it. There is plenty of room for mistakes while you are considering to hire someone to do home renovations or any home projects. Because of that, we would want to help by listing down five typical mistakes that people commit while they hire a handyman Bowling Green KY.  

Choosing the most expensive option or the cheapest option  

You should know what the regular rates of a handyman or any service you want to hire. For instance, if you want to have your TV hung, perhaps you won’t actually have to hire the most expensive handyman. Their work will not really be any better. You just need to follow all the tips we’ll be providing you and you’re good to go.   

Tolerating lack of personal accountability  

If somebody runs a business or is working for a trusted and reliable business, the sense of personal accountability must be there. Meaning, you should never tolerate their sloppy and bad behavior in your property. This could be mainly applied when it comes to tardiness. Indeed, things might be out of their control sometimes, such as accidents, traffic, or their previous project got extended, hence, you should be gracious. The key here is open communication and honesty.  

Failing to ask for a warranty  

Any trusted handyman will have their work guaranteed. Not only this is a great safety precaution for you as the property owner, but it’s a great sign that they value the work that they do. If they failed to provide a guarantee, there’s a chance that they won’t stick to their work or they might produce subpar work qualities after the project.   

Failing to check references  

In companies, our employers never easily hire somebody to work with them if they haven’t checked their references yet. Now, why would you let somebody work into your house without doing the same? You should inspect for credible and local references from the people around you. This can be done by doing some research about the company through the internet. You can visit websites, such as Yelp, for their work’s feedback and review from their previous clients. If a certain company doesn’t have that much positive feedback and you can mostly see negative reviews, consider that as a major red flag and disregard that company right away.  

Failing to ask for their updated proof of insurance  

Anyone you employ to work on your property must obtain insurance that will cover any possible injuries or damage so that you won’t be liable in the event something like such take place. Guarantee to look for their insurance coverage before you hire them.   

If you want to hire the best handymen near you, check out our website now.  


Concrete Pool Basics: Pros and Cons 

One of the must-haves that people think is valuable in terms of curb appeal and personal benefits is a pool. This is basically the reason why children and even couples pick a house that does have a pool.  

While most people think that a pool is a pool, it is definitely not that easy. Pools are great and they are a nice investment too. But when you happen to have a house that needs to have a pool constructed yet, the decision process is not simple. You will need to consider the costs as well as the options that are available.  

For most people, Bowling Green concrete pools are a way to go, so here are the basics of the concrete pool that you need to know.  

Concrete Pools  

Concrete pools are made of cement mixed with sands, water, and a coarse aggregate such as gravel or stone (some people put color stains too). The shell is made by spraying either shotcrete or gunite although these two do not vary that much and result in almost identical finishing. It needs at least a month to dry the pool completely before it can be considered functional.   

Pros of Concrete Pools  

  • It can be customized – one of the basic advantages of concrete pools is that they are customizable in terms of shape, size, color, and can be combined with other materials too. Although highly customized pools may require extensive works, they are always doable with a concrete pool.  
  • It is durable – there is always a reason why concrete is such a popular material in different construction projects; it is because it is durable. Regardless of the quality of materials and how the work is done, durable is generally durable and can withstand wear and tear. They are not porous and would never stain over the years.  
  • It looks good – because concrete is very flexible for customizations, you can always make it pretty. Concrete pools are classic, and you can make them in different styles if you want to.   

Cons of Concrete Pools  

  • The construction process can be way too long – constructing a concrete pool may tool you so long as we mentioned that the drying itself would take you a month long. Besides this, there would be a lot more steps in the process of constructing a concrete pool as well as the maintenance process too.  
  • It can be quite expensive – because the process is strenuous, it can be quite costly (although all pool constructions would really require some costs on your side). A concrete pool also may require you some long maintenance that is mostly hands-on. Concrete can still cater to algae and it can be quite difficult to remove them (although algae grow in all different pool materials).   
  • It can be rough – without finishing and paint, a basic concrete pool can have a rough surface that may inflict inconvenience and discomfort when you are now pooling. However, this can be prevented by providing your pools with smooth finishing and/or paint.   

We expect that this article helps you if you are planning on having a concrete pool outside your house. 


Know the Difference Between Patios, Porches, Verandas, Balcony, and Deck  

You are probably baffled as to what makes your concrete patios Bowling Green different from the decks, and your decks to porches, balconies, and verandas. All these outdoor extensions are quite different, and if there is something that is constant in all of them, it is the fact that they make a good space for activities in all seasons. This is the very reason why having one of them, at least, is a fortunate circumstance for different reasons.   

While some of us use these terms interchangeably, there are quite differences that you should know about these terms. Read through to find out what.  

Patios: patios are supposed to be the living room outside your house and this can be in a form of a normal relaxing area or a proper garden and they are generally attached to your house outside (although they may be not depending on your preference or house requirements). They can also be uncovered or enclosed, depending on your preferences and their size. When it comes to materials, patios can be constructed in different ways using gravel, concrete, stones, bricks, and more. Not all materials are created equal and this is where different types of patios vary in quality, durability, style, and price.   

Decks: there are different qualities that contrast decks from the patios. Patios are generally and typically attached to a house on the ground, while decks are mostly elevated. Decks generally do not have roofs on them since they are designed to have an overlooking sight in the house. They are perfect spaces for outdoor BBQ dates and bonding, dining, and seating. In some cases, decks are covered by a canopy, pergola, if not by a railing.  

Balcony: balconies are typically an extension of the upper floor of your house, and have one-meter enclosures like balusters, railings, and more. When it comes to balconies, there are no strict rules with regards to materials and size; so long as they fit the building requirements and your preferences. They are usually compensatory for yard-less houses.   

Porches: unlike the decks and balconies, porches are usually covered extension structures that are located in the entryway of your house. They can also be both covered interior extensions that are ideal for a living space extension or an open extension without windows. Similar to the previously mentioned structures, your porches can provide a safe space for doing activities, especially during summer as its roofing provides shade.   

Verandas: verandas typically refer to any enclosed structures and extensions around your house. They can be a ground balcony that allows people to access the backdoor and doorway easily. They can also be open and be used for different activities under the sun or weather. when it comes to materials, still, there are no strict rules for it.   


Patios, decks, balconies, and verandas are different from each other; however, there is one thing that makes them similar: they are mostly house or building extensions that provide more space for outdoor activities. While houses have at least one of them, you can actually have more than one! 


Getting Rid of Unwanted Tree Saplings  

Without a doubt, a lot of people love trees. They offer a lot of advantages to the planet, our homes, and ourselves. Trees offer cleaner air. In addition to that, they can also help lower your stress levels. Trees lower energy costs as well.  

However, there are often occasions when we do not want a tree in a particular area. This does not mean we don’t want trees. We simply don’t want them to grow in a spot that can affect our property.  

Before you hire a tree service Bowling Green KY company, here are several things to consider when you want to remove unwanted tree saplings.  

Getting Rid of Invasive Trees 

Getting rid of invasive trees that spread easily will go a long way in avoiding unwanted saplings on your lawn. You should consider replacing invasive trees with native alternatives such as dogwood. Also, try to check with your local and state governments for tree replacement programs.  

These programs are made to offer homeowners incentives and cheap alternatives to replace non-native and invasive trees with native species. 

Doing so will help encourage the biodiversity and health of the local environment.  

Use an Herbicide 

One great way to get rid of saplings from your lawn is to use an herbicide. However, you need to carefully read the directions before you use them. This will help you guarantee you’re getting the right one for your needs.  

Also, make sure your pets or kids aren’t exposed when using an herbicide. As much as possible, do not let your kids near the area for a couple of hours.  

If you want to be safe, you should leave this method to the professionals. A professional arborist is certified and trained in safely applying the right herbicide.  

Pull Saplings Out Using Your Hands 

Before unwanted saplings become established in the soil, one effective method to get rid of them is to pull them by hand.  

Keep in mind that this process can be laborious and time-consuming. However, in the end, it will all be worth it. For safety, you’ve got to ensure that you’re wearing gloves.  

To guarantee that the saplings do not grow back, make sure you remove them up by the roots. If you’re having a hard time pulling out the saplings, you can soak the soil using water. Also, you can try using gardening tools, such as a hand spade.  

Reasons to Getting Rid of Saplings 

When it comes to the location of a tree, you need to pick the right place. This is particularly true if the tree you’re planning to plant grows too large when it matures.  

Unwanted saplings often compete with other plants on your lawn for nutrients. They can also become invasive. If you ignore them for too long, they can be difficult to manage.  

Furthermore, they can spread out and choke out native species in your region if the tree sapling is from an invasive tree, such as a tree of heaven.  

If you think you’re having issues with invasive trees, contact a professional arborist right away.