Hunting wild animals can generate long-lasting memories and rewarding experiences. Of course, most hunters want to keep that exciting memory by having a mount made of their hunt. It is crucial to look for a quality taxidermy Boise specialist if you want to do the same.

If you want to find the best taxidermist in your area, here are several tips you can follow:

Ask Questions

Questions are an excellent way to help recognize a reliable and qualified taxidermist. Here are several examples:

  • Do You Have Any References That Date Back at Least 5 Years?

References provide you the chance to ask a past client if they are satisfied with the work they obtained and if the mount still looks great 5 years later.

  • Are You a Member of the National Taxidermy Association?

This shows whether or not the professional is committed to honing and learning more about their craft. Typically, these groups have competitions annually and host classes or seminars to teach the latest taxidermy methods and tools.

  • What Species Do You Specialize In?

A couple taxidermists specialize in fish or birds, while others prefer to mount deer. Look for a taxidermist who is comfortable and confident mounting the type of creature to plan to hunt.

  • Can I See Your Taxidermy Certification or License?

Almost every state needs taxidermists to have a certification or license. A couple of individuals even attend programs or schools to learn and become qualified. These documents make sure that you are dealing with an expert.

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

This shows how much experience the professional has. Typically, the longer the person has been in business, the more they have learned and the better they are.

Check the Quality

You should examine the completed mounts to see if they are almost real. The facial expressions and poses need to tell a story as well. It is also crucial to look at the detail. According to professionals, you should see detail in the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes of a buck. The eyes need to be convincing and symmetrical. You need to be able to see the nictitating membrane and tear ducts. The hide should not separate from the mannequin around the mouth and ears and the nostrils should not be closed up.

According to professionals, the mount should look realistic and alive. They recommend individuals to compare the mount with photos of actual animals on their phones. Do the contour, color, and shape look correct? You might want to look for another option if the answer is no.

Visit the Shop

You need to visit the shop to meet the employees and check the office after you have found a couple of taxidermists in your location. Expert taxidermists are professional, courteous and interested in your business. They will be able to give you a tour and show you a couple of their samples.

While you are walking around the facility, you should check the cleanliness and quality of the facility. If it is untidy, it’s time to look for another option.

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