Eyebrows play a huge role in the identity of almost every woman. It isn’t surprising if they spend a lot of money and time taking care of it. Because of this, microblading eyebrows Las Vegas has become extremely popular nowadays. Women can just choose to undergo microblading if they do not want to spend a lot of hours filling, plucking, or waxing their brows. After that, women will have full and natural-looking brows that they have always desired.

Eyebrow microblading has become the best option for women who like to have low maintenance and semi-permanent eyebrows. While it is a bit more expensive compared to traditional eyebrow products, microblading has obtained a lot of great reviews from professionals and enthusiasts.

However, before you undergo microblading, here are several things you have to know:

Is It For Everyone?

You have to keep in mind that not all individuals are a perfect candidate for eyebrow microblading. A woman who is nursing or is still pregnant is not allowed to get this process. Individuals who are undergoing therapy have to complete their treatment first. This will help them prevent any risk of infection.

Also, you have to ensure you talk to your doctor first if you’re taking medications or still getting treated. You should ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to undergo eyebrow microblading.

It’s a Two-Part Procedure

During the first meeting, the technician will discuss to you your desired eyebrow look as well as your expectations. A template will be made based on the facial structure that you have as well as the features of your face. During this point, you and the technician will make required adjustments until you get the desired eyebrow look. Typically, the first appointment takes 2 up to 2 and half hours.

After the first meeting, in around 6 up to 8 weeks after the first eyebrow microblading session, the microblading professional will ask you to return to the office for the follow-up session. The technician will check how the eyebrow has healed and make necessary changes in the density or color as needed. Usually, the second session lasts 1 up to 2 hours long. Also, you’ll have to visit the technician each year for a touchup appointment. This will help keep your preferred eyebrows.

It Isn’t Similar as Traditional Tattoo

Eyebrow microblading might be the same as getting a traditional tattoo. However, it has its own set of special properties.

Microblading utilizes small needles to add pigments to your skin. This is almost the same as getting a tattoo. But, in terms of the depth the ink is added onto the skin, microblading and conventional tattooing are not the same. If properly done, the pigments utilized during a process are made to break down after a particular time period. This means that they will fade away eventually. In addition to that, they’re only added to the first couple layers of the skin. On the other hand, traditional tattooing utilizes a unique tool that works deeper in your skin.

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